The Announcement We Never Wanted to Make

Final Sale Text

Our diffuser’s journey is coming to its end. It’s been beautiful, magical, and now bittersweet, but we know it’s the right time for the difficult decision.

You’re probably wondering why.

The answer is that it’s no longer mathematically feasible for us to produce, market, sell and fulfill our original hourglass diffuser with the level of care and craftsmanship that we committed to from day one. We would rather remember Hyascent in its finest form than compromise its quality and our integrity.

Times change, chapters turn, and our hearts are filled with gratitude and good memories for everything that Hyascent has brought to our lives and hopefully yours.

Liquidation Sale

To wind down our operations and clear out our inventory, we’re now offering 50% off all products on our site.

On the bright side, this is your chance to grab diffusers, refills and coasters at a fraction of the price and stock up on your favorite scent.

Thank you for supporting Hyascent. Here’s to the conclusion of 8 amazing years in business.