Home fragrance made better.

Easy to love, effortless to use

Hyascent is here to bring a beautiful welcome into your home or office.

Born from the simple need for a high-quality home fragrance diffuser that doesn’t require sticks, cords, outlets, batteries or apps, the vision of founder and top-selling San Francisco realtor Helena Zaludova became one of elegance and sophistication.

The journey to develop Hyascent’s award-winning design took Helena from a cozy California design studio to perfumeries in France, villages in the Czech Republic, a woodshop in the Midwest that accepted a task others had deemed undoable, and, finally, a factory in Pennsylvania specializing in hand assembly.

Turn Over a New Scent™ with an hourglass diffuser that works as easily as it looks, and looks as attractive as it smells.

Let a little luxury into your life.

This is the fragrant accent piece every home should have. Find the scent that speaks to your soul, and then enjoy it for 6 - 8 months. You know where to find us when it’s time for a refill.

Always there. Never overpowering.

A truly beautiful scent is subtle, with fleeting strength. We designed our diffuser to capture both at your control. It’s more for a specific place than an entire space. 

Give a luxury gift for the home.

They’ll love it every time they walk through their door.

Our suppliers are part of our story.

Hyascent’s simplistic design raised all sorts of complexities in production. We’re deeply committed to supporting the artisans, experts and manufacturers who believed in our product from the start.

Handmade to order.

Your Hyascent is made in the USA, with the fragrance of your choice, and designed to last a lifetime.

Woman holding stack of four boxed diffuser refills

Find your perfect scent.