How do I choose a scent?

We worked with some of the best perfumers in the world to create a sophisticated, layered line of scents. Each fragrance embodies a personality, which you'll see in the product description along with descriptive notes. Take our quiz to find your perfect scent!

Is the diffuser easy to put together and pack up?

Yes and yes, we promise. There are instructions included in the box, and you can view a quick tutorial here.

How often should I turn over my Hyascent?

It depends how much fragrance you want! For rooms 200 square feet or smaller, once a day is great. As calming and mesmerizing as the oil in the hourglass is to watch, we don’t recommend turning more than twice a day.

How long does it last?

If you turn your Hyascent once a day, the scent should last around six to eight months. The diffuser is reusable with the same scent.

Will the scent fill my home?

Hyascent is designed to bring a subtle fragrance into specific areas or rooms of your home. We’re going more for a delicate whiff here and there. Keep turning it over once or twice a day, and the scent will slowly become more noticeable, more often.

Do you sell refills?

Yes! You can order yours here.

Can I try a sample?

We don't currently have fragrance samples because it's difficult to capture the Hyascent experience in a smaller format.

What is the return policy?

We hope you love your Hyascent, but totally understand if you need to return the diffuser for any reason. If it's the scent that doesn't quite do it for you, we also have a generous exchange process (no pressure). Click to see our return and exchange policy for instructions.

Can I use another oil with the diffuser?

Hyascent’s fragrances are specially formulated to have a consistent level of drip, saturation and viscosity with our handmade diffuser. We don’t recommend using other oils, because they may cause leaks and degrade the wood.

How do I care for my Hyascent?

We recommend flipping the diffuser a maximum of two times a day and not interchanging fragrances.

Can I get a different Hyascent fragrance as a refill?

Hyascent’s ingenuity is that the wood is continually primed with the accompanying scent. The flip side (pun intended) is that we don’t recommend switching scents on the same diffuser. You’ll end up with a mish-mash of multiple fragrances.

What kind of oil is in the diffuser?

Mais oui! Our signature fragrances are custom formulated in one of the finest parfumeries in France. Each scent takes on a unique personality.

Is the oil natural?

Unfortunately, there is no all-natural way to create a stable scent; the molecules you find in raw materials are very fleeting and must be bonded to achieve a lasting effect. However, our formulation underwent more than three years of research and development in order to meet the highest California health and safety standards. We wouldn't sell it to you if we didn't feel comfortable having it in our own homes!

Are there any precautions I need to take with my Hyascent?

You should follow some of the usual safety measures you would take with any liquid containing chemicals not intended for drinking. Hyascent could cause an allergic reaction and may be harmful or fatal if swallowed, so keep it out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and hair. Avoid contact with furniture, fabrics and finished surfaces, as liquid may seep out. An intermediate surface or coaster is recommended, as spillage may cause permanent staining and/or damage to furniture or other household items.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! Almost anywhere.

Can I include a gift message?

You sure can! Just click the gift option at checkout. We’ll also make sure the price is not shown on the packing slip.

What size are Hyascent diffusers?

Our diffusers are 6" tall by 4 1/2" in diameter. Each product package is 14”long x 3 1/2”high x 5 3/8" wide and weighs 3.1 lbs

Take the leap and we'll make sure you're happy.

Don't stress over choosing a scent for your diffuser. Pick one you think you'll like, and if it turns out you don't, you can exchange it for another diffuser and scent.

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