Are you Hip to the Holidays?

This citrus-forward scent is great for someone who loves to host in style and is the life of the party. Is that you or someone you know?

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Close up of woman in her living room holding the diffuser in her hands

Sassy is in season

For those seeking energy and verve – this fresh scent is a great for the fierce and full of spirit.

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Where definition meets luxury

Everlasting, self-contained glass diffuser
Refills needed only once per year
No batteries, plugs, or flames needed

New Holiday Gift Wrapping

Delight in the details. Enjoy our gift wrapping that includes premium rose gold paper, luxe black satin foiled ribbon, and hand written cards.

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Make your home sparkle this season

Meet Crístal Prague: hand-etched, heirloom holiday sparkle inspired by bohemian crystal. Discover our special edition diffuser created.

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Inspiration with a twist

Beautiful like no other. Find inspiration in how to use Hyascent in your home, no matter your decor style.