Professional and personal

A corporate gift never looked (or smelled) so good. From employee appreciation to thanking a client, our diffusers are a unique gift they'll cherish.

Celebrate Everything

Foster connection with every flip. Mark the occasion with a gift that is as memorable as your recipient. Here are our top corporate gifting ideas – 

Year-end holiday client gifts are far too often repetitive and unimaginative. Impress your most cherished clients and top connections with an elegant gift that will look beautiful on their bookshelves and will their office with soothing, subtle scent. Hyascent makes a great gift for:

  • Real estate closings
  • Holidays like Christmas and the New Year
  • Contract signings


Show some love to your team with a little luxury. Whether a new hire or a seasoned veteran, employees can appreciate a lavish gift like Hysacent. Our diffuser is perfect gift for:

  • Welcoming new hires
  • Employee work anniversaries and birthdays
  • Holiday and End of Year gifts
  • Remote worker's home offices
  • Promotion celebrations

Our colleagues can become our most beloved compatriots. Sometimes a thank you email isn't enough. A diffuser for a teammate is great for:

  • Coworker's special occasions such as weddings and buying a new home
  • Thanking someone for their important contributions

If you work in an industry where fostering connection with clients is of the utmost importance, our diffuser is the unique gift you're seeking. They'll think of you everyday as they flip their diffuser. Hyascent is an ideal gift for:

  • First impressions
  • Showing appreciation
  • Fostering connection
  • Being memorable
  • Standing out from your competition
Business Partners

Celebrating wins is key in entrepreneurship. Hyascent is a unique way to mark an occasion and show your partners you care. We recommend gifting a diffuser for:

  • Celebrating a new business venture
  • Cofounder gifts
  • Investor gifts

When basic just won't do

Meet the lavish diffuser that is disrupting the home fragrance market. Get swept away by an award-winning design that is the embodiment of both form and function.

How it works

Where definition meets luxury

Everlasting, self-contained glass diffuser
Refills needed only once per year
No batteries, plugs, or flames needed

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