The answer for the next time a customer asks, “OMG, what’s that great smell?”

Photograph of a light blue console table, with a silver home decor abstract piece as well as a black one. Between them sits an hourglass shaped fragrance diffuser with glass top and bottom as well as wooden center that joins the two pieces. Yellow fragrance oil is seen in the top half as well as the bottom half.

We’re launching an affiliate program for our partners. It’s our way of making it easy for your customers to order a Hyascent for themselves straight to their home after enjoying a premium spa experience or visit to your location.

No inventory needed. No packing required. No worries at all. And, they’ll think of your brand every day at home!

Better yet, for every order you generate, you get money off your next reorder with us.

Here are the perks and how it works:

Overhead flatlay image of brightly colored, multicolor long rectangular boxes that each have a ripple effect gradient background illustration and the logo "hysacent" across the center.

Simple Savings

Get 10% commission on website orders from your unique referral link, applied as a discount on your next Hyascent wholesale order.

Overhead photograph of a flatlay scene showing marble, sage green, and sky blue paper. In the top left corner is a Fuji Instax Camera. In the top right is a pair of glasses. In the bottom left is a bouquet of purple flowers. In the center is a postcard which reads "Bliss Me could be your new bestie" next to a QR Code and a photograph of an hourglass shaped oil fragrance diffuser made of two glass pieces joined in the center with a ribbed cut of wood.

Tools for Sales

Receive custom marketing materials for your location, like QR code postcards and flyers to display or hand to customers.

Photograph showing a scene with a green painted wall, wooden desk, and silver macbook pro. At the desk sits a person wearing a mustard colored sweater and watch on their right wrist. The shot is cropped to show only their torso and both hands typing on the macbook's keyboard.

Total Transparency

Log into your account any time to see your referral conversions, accrued commissions, and marketing materials.

You’re invited! Email to get started.