Steki: A Hyascent Wholesale Success Story

It was unexpected. It was unique. It was inspiring……just like a Hyascent.

To Japan by Happenstance

Fresh off the launch of Hyascent at NY NOW® in 2019, where we took home the award for best new product in the personal care and wellness category, a funny thing happened…

Hyascent gained the attention of three esteemed distributors in Japan.

Hyascent founder and Czech native, Helena Zaludova, hadn’t yet envisioned Hyascent as a global product, though she’s always embraced her American company’s roots in European design. An avid global traveler, Helena quickly latched onto the idea that Hyascent could expand internationally, and set three separate appointments with the respective prospects.

Helena, joined by her husband and Hyascent co-founder, Seth Socolow, made the trek from San Francisco to Japan. (It was a business trip first and foremost, but who can pass up an opportunity to enjoy the sights, cuisine, and culture.) With the distributor meetings scheduled, Helena and Seth set out to bring Hyascent to Japan’s fragrance industry.

Three appointments came and went, and although each distributor presented unique opportunities and advantages, Helena and Seth weren’t sure where the right fit was. With the trip coming to an end, the Hyascent duo made their final stop in Tokyo, and specifically, a department store in the heart of the city.

Helena and Seth eventually found themselves showing pictures of their luxury product to a salesperson, who immediately got the attention of the store owner. Enter Katsushi Shimakage, a prominent figure in Japan’s diffuser industry.

Steki, Mr. Shimakage’s company, would go on to become one of Hyascent’s largest wholesale customers to this day.

From left to right: Helena Zaludova (founder) and Masahiro Yamamoto (guide).

    It was unexpected. It was unique. It was inspiring…just like a Hyascent. It’s like it was meant to be. Following the chance encounter, Hyascent and Steki have gone on to redefine international distribution in fragrance diffusers, combining Hyascent’s innovative product with Steki’s expansive distribution network.

    By the Numbers: Steki x Hyascent

    • 250-300 pieces per order

    • Consistent orders every 3 months

    Since 2019 we have been honored by our partnership with Steki, a company that never settles for anything less than the finest products on the market.

    – Helena Zaludova, Hyascent Founder

      The Diffuser for the High-End Wholesaler

      Some diffuser companies offer affordability by settling for clunky products, messy setups, and inferior materials – Hyascent doesn’t try to compete with that. We’re not interested in shortcuts. We’re committed to quality.

      Our diffuser blends European design, Midwestern woodworking, and East Coast manufacturing to deliver a luxury diffuser that your customers will love.

      We made our name all the way in Japan at Steki.

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